Busted in Baja



If a picture tells a story:

Well, there’s a lot going on here!

Driving south of Puerticitos, the rusty Series chassis finally packs it in. We limp back to town, and find Jay. Without hesitating he points us to the local food shack, ah, er, cantina, and he sets to work on the broken beast.

When we return, one of the more colorful locals has dropped in with a bag full of beers, and proceeds to begin “assisting” with the operation. He’s soon consumed about a dozen of the bottles and is quite happy.

Well, after a couple days below the boarder Tyler (age 9) figures he knows Spanish, and begins talking jibberish. Really scary though is that our new friend starts talking back to him. No one knows what either was saying!

Anyway, after a good lunch of taquitos and Tecates, and $35 for Jay, we’re back on the road. 3 years later, that weld is still holding.

Turns out that Jay’s rescued a few friends of mine too, when they’ve broken down while doing the “Baja.”


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