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Welcome to the QuietCanyon.
Here in the trails of the Quiet Canyon you'll find a variety of destinations.  Wander through the hills a bit and explore a few of the trails including:


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Important Note:


The QuietCanyon is in the middle of an update.  Please bear with us while we make some dust and fix some dead end trails.  We're adding some tech notes, moving the Lithuania Baseball site over, and updating with info on the latest Lotus races.

What's New in the Canyon?  


The following are in the works:

  • Lithuania Baseball is being moved over.

  • New section on rebuilding a RRC distributor.

  • Some High Speed Photography photos.

  • Adding photos of the Lotus rebuild and first race.


Web Tools:

It's always nice to hear what others use to build their site.  Here are tools used in the quietcanyon:

Web:  Microsoft Front Page - limited, but simple and quick..

Image Handling: Ulead Photo Explorer, simple, intuitive, and no lost thumbnail links.

Image Processing: Adobe Photoshop, and Photoshop Elements.

Digital Photography: Nikon D-1, D2H, D-70, and Canon S-400

Film Photography:  Nikon F-100 and FE2, plus Mamiya DTL1000 and an old Mamiya medium format..

Thanks for visiting!

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