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A few tips and tricks for the Rover DIY'er.

Nothing ultra exotic here, just a few ideas from some DIY'ers that may be of help.

Some Important words:  As they say, "Free advise is worth as much as you paid for it."  There are lots and lots of variables in doing DIY (Do-It-Yourself) projects, including differences in the vehicle, your capabilities, and the resources at hand.  All information contained here should only be taken as successful projects that have worked for the writers, and should not be relied on for accuracy  or as any recommendation that you should you attempt the project yourself.  ALWAYS obtain a proper manual and follow the procedures and safety procedures recommended in the manual.

Be sure to check out progress on the "Land Mutt" Series III .  This rusted-out, corroded through 1973 88" Land Rover is getting the full treatment with new chassis, modified 2.5L motor, Dana axles, 4.88"s, ARBs B.W. Transmission, NP 231 4:1 transfer case, and 33" tires.  Oh yes, a fresh coat of paint too.  Progress will be slow, but check in periodically to see what's happening.

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