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Tie Rod End Removal - The EASY way!

Photos on the way!  (just as soon as I can take them) 

Until then, here's the idea on how to pop that stubborn tapered tie rod end out of the steering arm.  Try this and stop bashing those threads to death.  

Instead, loosen the tie rod end nut a couple turns.  Put a jack under the end of the bolt / nut, and jack till the tire just barely comes off the ground so the weight is on the tapered end.  Don't remove the tire!  Now, take that trusty hammer and hit the SIDE of the steering arm where the tie rod end goes through.   In about 5 whacks or less it should "pop!" out.  Never destroy another tie rod end again!

What if the threaded end points up, instead of down so you can't get a jack under it?  This trick works so well that with a bit of leverage from that high-lift jack handle, you can pop it out that way too.

How come it works?  Instead of bashing the threaded end to death, you are putting pressure on the end, while setting up a vibration in the metal. The bit of "good vibes" and the weight of the vehicle does the hard work for you!  

CAUTION!  Always wear safety glasses, and since you are working on a vehicle that has a jack under it, even if it is only 1/8 inch off the ground, BE CAREFUL!  True, it should only move the distance that you've loosened the nut, but with all that banging there's always a chance that it can slip off the jack.  SAFETY IS YOUR RESPONSIBILITY!  Do not do this unless you have the tools and knowledge necessary to do so safely.

That said, I've busted knuckles many times doing it the brute force way.  Now, piece of cake!


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Last modified: March 04, 2003