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This web site is for all of the parents, grand-parents, brothers, sisters, etc. that would love to have come along, and want to see what the boys are doing each day.


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In August 2005 a group of Little Leaguers headed off to Lithuania for a week of learning about this wonderful country, and a week of terrific baseball games.  Many thanks to Vermidas Neverauskas, and all of the wonderful families who took the boys and coaches into their homes. 

Photo / Video DVDs are done!  

As a memory of the trip, a Video DVD was put together and plan was to distribute it at the after-trip party.  Since that never happened, they were mailed out to all of the US players and coaches.  PAL versions of the trip are being sent to hand out to the parents and coaches in Lithuania.  These are made to play on your Television DVD player.  Also included is a Data DVD of all of the trip pics.

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Important Items to Remember:

There are a couple items that are extremely important to remember.  Check the list below before you go.

  • Electrical Converters.  Most electronics is both 110/220 compatible, but the plugs are different.  Go to a travel store and buy the correct plugs for Europe.  (the double round ones)  They can be difficult to find when you are in the country.  If you have a piece of equipment that is only 110, then you need to either leave it at home, or buy a voltage converter.
  • Extension Cord.  Outlets are not as convenient as in many US hotels.  Also, it will give you a 3 or 4 way outlet to attach multiple cords.  That way, you only need one plug adapter. 
  • Money for your boys.  One good idea is to set up an ATM card for them, and set up a limit on withdrawals.  Even better, set up an account just for them.  Keep limited funds in it, and you can always add more if it's needed.  ATMs are readily available.
  • Passport. Of course.  Also, make two copies of the cover page.  Keep one at home, and hide one in the boys luggage.  If the passport is lost it is a LOT easier to get a replacement if you have a copy of the cover page.
  • Paper with all sorts of emergency numbers.  Give a copy to your boy, and copies to the coaches.
  • Medical Insurance Cards.  Parents, you will probably be asked to show proof of medical insurance when you arrive, probably to prevent non-residents from mooching off their medical.   Copy your cards and give a copy to your boy and the coach for safe keeping.
  • Medical Treatment Release Forms.  Just in case one of the kids needs medical treatment, be sure that you have the parents permission to get them treated.
  • Authorization to Travel With A Minor.  Simple form that allows the coaches to take a minor out of the country.  No, we didn't need it, but if we ended up in a country and they asked if we had permission to take a minor with us, having it will make a big difference.
  • Phone Calling Card.  If you set up a cell phone for Lithuania, your son might just use that.  But, another good way to go is to give them a phone card to call with.  Check around, prices from Lithuania to US can vary considerably.


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