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UTENA, Lithuania


This is really sketchy, but I heard that the games are being played in a place called Utena.  From the map it appears to be about 90 miles out of Vilnius, but I have no idea if I have the wrong city, or if it is some other place close to Vilnius?  In any case, I did some searching and found the following information on it - just in case this is the place. 


Here is the address for their local tourist office:


Utena, one of the oldest cities in Lithuania, is related to the Narkunai castle-mound that is often mentioned in the chronicles of swordsmen. A letter of king Mindaugas in 1261, first mentioned a wooden castle by the Utenele river. According to the story, that castle was built by the Duke Utenis. Utena residents named the city's central square and a regional newspaper after this duke.

Utena was established along the Utenele river in the 14th century. By 1416 the first church had been built and merchants and tradesmen had settled here to live. During the crusades, Utena and its surroundings were terribly ravaged and in 1433 the castle of Utena was destroyed.
The Warsaw-St. Petersburg highway built in 1835 was of major importance to the town and a large post-office station established. In 1889 the narrow gauge railway Svencioneliai-Panevezys was built changing the face of the town. The town developed and grew very fast. Houses were built very close together and in 1879 there was a fire in which, ľ of the town was burned.  Until the 1st world war, Utena was the regional center for northeastern Lithuania. In 1924, Utena was designated as a secondary town with its own Burgomaster.

Now Utena town is the the center of Utena district and Utena county. We have two lakes, Dauniškis and Vyžuonaitis, and the streams of Utenele, Krasuona, Viesa, Rase wind their ways through our town.
The area of Utena region is 1229 sq. km, 368,7 sq. km of which, is covered by forest . The region is located mostly in the Aukstaiciu hills, the northwestern part of the region on the Aukštaičių plateau. The land of Utena attracts people by the natural beauty of its hills, hollows and forests and clarity of its lakes. There are 186 lakes of various sizes throughout the region including, the deepest in Lithuania, lake Tauragnas (60,5m), one of the longest in the country, lake Aisetas (16 km) and beautiful lake Alaušas so loved by holidaymakers (10,73 km2 ).
It doesn’t matter which route you take, whether from Vilnius, Kaunas or Kupiškis, the closer you come to Utena, the more the land seems to be moving with joy and the hills and fields rolling like waves. Each little hill gives way to another, the wetlands are full of flowers and birds and groves of of oak and birch trees whisper to one another in the breeze.


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