August 10



August 10th was another great day.  It was raining quite hard when we got up, so Virmidas called and said to wait until 11:30 to leave. He picked us up in his Mercedes van and we headed out to Trakai, a castle that was built in 1320.  It is built on an island, and it is the only island castle in Eastern Europe. 

Since we started a bit later we headed right to lunch.  The lunch menu seems to be a great hit, both here and at home.  Today's menu was hot potato vegetable soup, then a meat "ball" with sauce, potatoes, and cucumbers.  After that we had a great meat "pocket".  Once again, nearly everyone cleaned their plates and no one went away hungry!  Our hosts have been incredibly generous, and have the planning down to the last detail.  They are really great.

We toured the castle, inside and out.  Those that didn't play well on Monday got to spend some time in the stockade in the courtyard. 

Everything has been terrific here, and Virmidas had had everything planned perfectly.  It is really a great place to be, and we can't wait to start playing baseball!

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