August 14



Sunday, August 14th.  We drag out of bed in the school dormitory, and head off a few hundred yards down the street for breakfast.  Unfortunately, it was raining all night and it looks like rain today. 

We arrive at the fields and they are quite wet.  The boys drag out a tarp full of dirt from under the bleachers and start putting dry soil on using cut off plastic 'Coke' bottles.  While they're doing that, another boy is making the chalk lines, using a string and a box to hand lay the chalk. 

Today's game is against Belarus, and they are a good team.  They come on strong, and we come back and tie it.  Unfortunately, we let them get three runs ahead, and then the rain comes down hard so we have to stop for a bit.  When the downpour stops we begin to have a comeback, but we just can't catch up so we have our first loss today.

After the game we head back to the resort and back into the rooms, and have  a great lunch of soup and then steak with rice and veggies.  Evening's activities for the boys consists of poker and catching frogs.


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