August 15



Today's game is with our friends from Vilnius. 

Breakfast was a bit unusual., with Cheese Ravioli with cream sauce, and a chocolate sweet roll that had all of the boys going WOW! when they saw it.

The boys went right to the game, and they played great today.  We won, which means that we are definitely in the final.  Vilnius played Utena to determine who plays in the finals with us.  Utena won 4-2, but because they didn't play all of their players the game went to Vilnius.  We would have liked to have had the opportunity to play Belarus again, but we are also glad to be able to have our last games with our host team.

Later, after the games and after dinner, all of the coaches, their sons,  and the umpires took off for the evening.  The Vilnius team came over to the cabin and played basketball until dark, and then played around the grounds.  They found a porcupine on the lawn and kept a short distance away while it roamed in the grass.


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