August 16




August 16th, the big day!  The Lithuania TV station came out for the first part of the game, and the Newspaper came to report on the game too. 

And, what a game it was!!  Either team could have won.  Both teams played a great game, and every single player on both sides contributed a lot.  According to Barry who umpired home plate, in the whole game there were maybe only 2 strike-outs. 

We'll have to add the details and stats later, but a quick summary, the Vilnius team took an early 2 run lead in the first inning, and they played a solid defense that was hard to score against.  Then, USA finally got a runs to close the gap.  Then in the top of the 7th USA pulled ahead with 2 runs by Ryan Lewis and Parker, batted in by Ian.  That was followed by Ian scoring.  We held on in the bottom and the game went to the USA. 

Both teams played a great game, and it was a real nail-biter right to the last out,

Following are photos of the game.  It was a big day and there are lots of photos, sorry for the long load time, but there was a lot of action to show.

It's Wednesday the 17th right now and we're on our way to the picnic,  We spent the morning at several huge malls for some last shopping.  At the moment we're bouncing down a rough dirt road and I am trying my best to type this in.  Sorry for any typos!  I'll get this uploaded when I get to the hotel tonight.


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