August 9



Hi Everyone, following are the photos from Tuesday, August 9th.

It was pouring rain outside, so we headed off to the town of Kaunas, second largest city in Lithuania.  We planned to go to an interesting museum but it wasn't yet open, so we stopped by at a restaurant for a hot drink.  The wonderful staff opened early for us so we could get out of the rain.  We headed back over to the museum which is the only museum in Europe dedicated to "Devil Art" which is mostly fun statues and masks. 

After the museum we went to a local restaurant for another great lunch.  I hadn't mentioned about the great food we've been having for lunch each today.  Today lunch started off with celery soup, and then a second course of potato cakes.  We were getting full and thought that was it, and then they brought out a platter of chicken with fries, salad, and carrot slices.  Some of the boys couldn't figure out what the breaded meat was, so I told them it was "bird meat"  You should have seen their faces until they realized that Chicken was a bird!

We headed back to Vilnius then, and with the rains there were almost as many accidents as on the 405 when it rains.  With Virmidas driving carefully everyone arrived home safe, and ready for tomorrow's travels.  The plan for tomorrow is to go to Trakai, an old castle on an island just outside of the city. 

Below are the photos of the trip.  Some may be out of sequence, since my main camera got waterlogged I had to use a little pocket camera for some photos till the wet one dried out.   I tried to coordinate them, but some may be out of order.

I had a request for a slide show view.  First set are in a thumbnail format so you can randomly select any and click to enlarge.  After that is a slideshow version of the same. There are a lot of photos in the slide show, so you may need to scroll the page over to the full size photo.



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