Chassis Build



Unloading the Rovers North chassis.

"Here's your frame thing, now, how ya gonna git it off my truck!"

chassis1.jpg (29597 bytes)          chassis2.JPG (28035 bytes)

Starting the chassis build-up

After collecting all of the major pieces for the swap, first step is to install axles, engine, trans, etc and get everything aligned.  To achieve necessary clearance for the 9.50x33 tires, a slightly longer spring shackle was needed to give just about 1" of lift over the stock Rover.

lr shackle.jpg (19941 bytes)    lr chassis.jpg (34545 bytes)   lrchassis align.jpg (28501 bytes)

The above photos show the slightly longer shackle with reinforcement, chassis with engine, trans, etc and rear axle installed, and one of the major challenges, drivetrain/driveshaft alignment.  As you can see, the in-line tailshaft of the NP231 transfer case is way above the level of the differential.  More on this as things progress.

Engine's in, and we're figuring out driveline angles.  (note wood block spacers in front engine mounts.)

Here's the rear drive shaft, hot off the welder from Powertrain Industries in Garden Grove, CA.   Sure is short!  Drive-line angle set-up will be critical.  Note CV joint to help avoid unwanted vibrations.  This thing is a work of art, and it can probably handle big-block power.

Below is the right side of rear mount to a simple bracket welded on the chassis crossmember. Similar mount is on left.  Had to get the rear as low as possible to reduce driveline angles.

lm_chassis R mount.JPG (36330 bytes)

Here's the right front mount.  Once the mount was welded on the chassis, found it needed to go up a bit more to get correct driveling angle, hence the extension added.  

Also, just behind the engine mount, note the repositioned cross member, raised to clear the front driveshaft (not installed yet)  After the driveshaft is in and everything checked, the bottom will be boxed in.

 lm_chassis F mount.JPG (39890 bytes)



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