Here's an overview of building up of the different pieces, as necessary.  Eventually it will include photos of the engine build, ARB install, accessory positions, alternator, distributor hook-up, etc.

NP-231 Short Shaft installation.

The Jeep drivetrain is slightly longer than the Rover's, and even with the engine moved forward a bit, there still isn't enough room for a decent length driveshaft.  Seems that Wranglers have this same problem, and there are several companies out there with "Short Shaft" kits that give you about 4" more room.

ShortShaft2.JPG (31853 bytes)   ShortShaft1.JPG (27345 bytes)

Not a big deal to do the mod, just be sure you have a GOOD set of snap ring pliers before you start, including the "paddle" type ones.  Here's the NP-231 getting torn down to install the short shaft kit from JB Conversions.  This adds about 4 inches room for the driveshaft.  Note that the yoke is well in front of the crossmember now.  Without the short shaft, the original slip yoke would have been behind it!  Again, click on the image to enlarge.

Engine Re-Build

Just a couple images of the engine rebuilding.  Note, last image shows fuel pump block-off plate needed to clear bulkhead. (zip-tied oil gauge is there just for the engine test run)

lm_Eng Build 1.JPG (27376 bytes) lm_Eng Build 2.JPG (53885 bytes) lm_Eng Build 3.JPG (44646 bytes)


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