Three Rovers and Their Rubicon\

(oops, seems that some of the photo links have been broken.  Am trying to re-link now)

I was trying to look up a friend, and found his web page that had photos we'd taken of our Rubicon trip.  I completely forgot about those.     

 Rubicon is a fantastic trip.  It's located just west of  Lake Tahoe, and ends at the lake.  It's about 9 nasty miles long, a bit over 30 miles including the access roads that can also be a fender-smasher.  It can be done in one day in a well set-up rock crawler, and takes 2 hard days in a Range Rover, if you don't break anything bad.  Bring hiking shoes, take 3-5 days, and enjoy the scenery.


If you go, expect body and tie-rod damage on Rovers  with wide flanks long overhangs, and low clearance.   In the Range Rover it's hard work the whole way, and there are some real nasty spots.  

Remember too, the trail changes every year The trail difficulty changes each year, and during the year as snows and rain move things around, and as the trail gets groomed during the year.  Go before the Jamboree and it is harder, go right after 500 or so Jeeps and journalists go through, and it will probably be easier.   In any vehicle, bring along a friend, lots of patience, and a good attitude. 







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